Temporada Tapas

At Temporada tapas bar you’ll experience delicious food from the Spanish cuisine with an innovative twist. Their use of local ingredients has driven the success of their restaurant in Frederiksberg. Which now will be continued in Boltens Food Court. The menu includes snacks, fish, poultry and tasty meat, as well as delicious vegetarian dishes and desserts. All the wines have Spanish tones so they match perfectly with the food.


Just as an authentic Spanish churreria with a street stall and a takeout window. Churreria serves the best churros in town, which are made fresh every day. The secret behind the tasty churros is the sourdough. This is alpha omega and is therefore made from scratch every day. The tasty churros is served with a creamy organic soft ice and chocolate of the highest quality.

Desi Nam Nam

At Desi Nam Nam, you can enjoy a range of national specialties from India. More specifically Indian Thali food. Thali refers to an Indian way of serving a variety of light dishes on a plate. Which is known especially from India, Malaysia and Pakistan etc. We recommend the mixed plate, which can be enjoyed with delicious Indian bread, rooti and different sauces. Ami’s street food serves starters, small dishes, main courses and desserts.


For centuries, Moroccan food has been influenced by different cultures. Often it involves a mix of both Arab and Mediterranean dishes with a little European and sub-Saharan influence. The North African dishes are especially known for taste, aroma and spices. You’ll find that Marrakech is no exception. Enjoy various traditional Moroccan dishes, where delicious spices like cinnamon, cumin, saffron and herbs like mint.


In just two years Duck It has become a recognized brand in Denmark. They have become famous for creating the most delicious duck-burger in town. The burger is made of the best quality Confit de Canard and gives you a surprising taste experience. Perfectly combined their homemade red onions and signature sauce. In addition to the tasty burger, Duck It also offers other specialties. For example, homemade crispy duck fries, vinegar fries as well as duck n’chips and green salads. Duck It prioritizes animal welfare high, why only free-range ducks are used as commodities.


If you love Chinese – you must try Woodomi. Woodomi is especially known for their best-selling Crispy Duck, which reportedly should be mouthwatering. In addition to their famous Crispy Duck, you will also find juicy chicken, delicious meat, fresh fish and a tasty vegetarian wok. A modern version of the Chinese bento and crispy spring rolls. When ordering main courses, a delicious snack will also be included. Either their tasty shrimp chips or the sea weed salad.


Stop by Two Monkeys, where you’ll find organic and plant-based menus. All inspired by food culture from all around the world. On the menu, you will find a delicious vegetable-based burger, a vegan cheese platte, crispy plantain bananas and naturally all beverages are vegan as well. All dishes are served quickly and are easy to bring home.
Two Monkeys creates all their food based on satisfying the taste, while inspiring the guests visually all at the same time.

The Mexican Donkey

The Mexican Donkey serves authentic and extremely tasty Mexican food. Where the quality and ingredients are in focus. All dishes on the menu originate from the owner’s Mexican family, which allows you to enjoy real Mexican food with all that entails. The Mexican Donkey wishes through their traditional recipes. All their food is made from the best ingredients, and The Mexican Donkey also offers a wide variety of dishes that are vegan friendly. In addition, all tortillas, tacos, tostadas and nachos are made on corn flour, which is also suitable for gluten allergists.

Wok Amok

The wok has moved into the Danish cuisine as a new family member, and will of course be represented in Boltens Food Court. Don’t miss the well-known Asian wok dishes at Wok Amok. Which offers you a large selection of delicious wok dishes, all made from fresh ingredients. The different wok-dishes comes with either perfectly cooked rice or tasty noodles.


Make sure to try the tastiest chicken in town at BOY’S in Boltens Food Court. Their juicy chicken is cooked on a rotisserie, which results in the most tender and tasty chicken. The secret behind the amazing taste is the way it’s cooked on the grill. Enjoy their crispy chicken with one of the delicious salads, which easily can be brought to-go as well.

Hygge Taste of Denmark

At Hygge Taste of Denmark you can look forward to the best Danish dishes, which we are very proud of here in Denmark. All dishes are made from the best Danish local ingredients. Do not miss the Danish smørrebrød as well as the range of other classic Danish dishes and desserts. Hygge Taste of Denmark both looks and tastes Nordic. They takes pride in presenting a Danish gastronomic experience beyond the expectations.


At Brasa, “churrasco” is the core which in Portuguese means barbecue. Behind the very tasty meat is a very special barbecue technique, which dates back to the old Brazilian gaucho cowboys. The technique gives the meat a very special and tasty smoke flavor. The meat is lightly seasoned and cooked and chopped. Exactly as they do in Brazil to precisely intensify and preserve the barbecue taste. The traditional side dishes such as beans and rice, are replaced with freshly prepared salads from all corners of the world. In addition to meat, Brasa also offers tasty grilled chicken, fish, lamb, sausages and pork.

Hope Salat & Juice

At Hope Salat & Juice you will find some of the best salads in town which is based on homemade, vegan and organic ingredients. Try one of the delicious and filling salads where you will find an exciting selection of vegetables and greens and make sure to have the yummy sweet potato fries on the side served with vagan mayo and seasalt. The menu also offers a little something for those with a sweet tooth as well as their homemade juices that are made from the best Danish organic ingredients. Everything Hope does is in harmony with the nature which means that everytime you buy a salad bowl you plant a tree.

The Fish Project

The Fish Project started in Copenhagen in 2014 as the first food truck to sell Fish & Chips and they were thus the first to bring the taste of British heritage to Denmark. The Fish Project uses only fresh ingredients and good ingredients, which is precisely what defines them and their food. Do not miss their fresh fish aka catch of the day, the fried octopus, delicious tempered shrimp, yummy lobster tails in a vodka-beer mix or their classic fish or shrimp-burger.


Stop by Slice’n’Ice for some rustic and tasty Italian pizza slices that can be enjoyed either at Boltens Food Court or brought “to go”. Only the best quality ingredients is being used for the 27 year old recipe for the crispy pizza dough, that gives the delicious slices the very right bite. Top your slice with fresh herbs and the popular potato fries that comes with different sauces. Gluten allergists can look forward to try the same delicious slices – just on a tasty bottom of gluten-free pizza dough. Don’t forget to try their creamy homemade Italian ice cream, which comes in 10 different varieties – both gluten and lactose free.


If you love italian food you must try CIAO where you can enjoy homemade Italian dishes. The menu consists of rustic interpretations of otherwise classic Italian dishes, combined with quality ingredients as well as wines. At CIAO you can enjoy fantastic homemade pasta with fresh selection of both meat and fish. The dishes are seasonally based and therefore the concept is built in a changing Italian cuisine, where the homemade pasta is the core of the varying ingredients of the season.

The Fat Greek

Good traditions, authenticity and quality – that’s what The Fat Greek is all about. That’s also why our meats and mushrooms are prepared over a charcoal grill, in order to get the exact same flavor as 150 years ago, back when food as prepared over the fire.
The marinades we use for our authentic Gyros with charcoal grilled chicken, Duroc pork or mushrooms, are made from our Greek Chef Dimitri’s grandfather’s recipes, that have been perfected through many years, after being passed down from generation to generation.
Our authentic flatbread is handmade by a local artisan’s bakery in Athens, that have been family run for centuries. They still bake their flatbread using the same recipe and method as many hundred years ago – actually all the way back to year 950

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